Ride and explore

MoonBikes provide a new way to enjoy winter activities, blurring the lines between recreation and transportation

Winter Playground

Whether you’re rallying on trails, venturing into the backcountry, or simply cruising around town, MoonBikes transform winter into your playground

Explore nature with respect

Explore nature—without compromising it. Ride without a sound, MoonBikes has a zero operational footprint

Immediate Power

MoonBikes gives you the freedom of an e-bike with the power of a motorcycle

3 times lighter than a snowmobile Easy to store, easy to transport Easy to ride

Thanks to its streamlined design and light weight, a MoonBike is especially easy to ride

3 times lighter than a snowmobile

A Moonbike weighs just 155 lbs with a 27 lbs battery. You can add an optional dual battery to double the range

Easy to store, easy to transport

Like a bike, a MoonBike is just 28 inches wide and can pass through doorways and be transported on a hitch carrier or in the bed of a truck

Easy to ride

Thanks to its size, ultralight weight, and low center of gravity, a MoonBike is easy for anyone to ride


-13°F | -25°C

cold resistance**


max range with single or optional dual battery*

26 MPH | 42 Km/h

top speed

170 Nm

immediate torque


gradeability on groomed slopes

155 lbs | 70 kg


12 inches | 30 cm

ridable powder snow depth

3 kW


Assembled by Bosch

Moonbikes are assembled in France. We partner with Bosch Marignier to meet the exceptionally high standards of our production process.

Reliable and trustworthy

With less than 200 parts, no chain, and no belt, maintenance is easy and minimal.

Unique Patented innovation

Innovative high efficiency propulsion system. Totally silent

Immediate torque and power

170Nm – direct drive



155 lbs (70 kg) + 1 Battery 27 lbs (12 kg)


264 lbs (120 kg) driver included

Total Length

88 inches (225 cm)

Total Width

28 inches (69 cm)

Track Width

10 inches (25,4 cm)

Rated Power

3 kW

Max Torque

170 Nm

Top Speed

26 mph (42 km/h)



2.1kWh with single battery | 4.2kWh with optional dual battery


1h (sport) to 1h30 (eco) with 1 battery | 2h to 3h with opt. dual battery (est. with a 175 lbs rider on a groomed trail)

Cold Resistance**

Heated battery box offers cold resistance to -13°F (-25°C)


Batteries can easily be removed in less than 5 minutes


Connect the charging cable directly to the MoonBike or remove the battery and charge it at home

Charging Time

6h with standard charger | 2h30 with optional fast charger