The MoonBike, the world's first  ultralight electric snowbike.
Nicolas Muron -  founder and CEO  of MoonBikes

I've always wanted to create a machine to make winter exploration fun and easy

Nicolas Muron, founder and CEO
About us
Innovative & Powerful Zero Emission vehicle Ultralight & Compact Easy to Ride

Innovative & Powerful

High efficiency electric propulsion system. Range up to 60 km with optional dual battery

Zero Emission vehicle

100% electric, 100% silent, zero operational footprint

Ultralight & Compact

A Moonbike is 3 times lighter than a snowmobile

Easy to Ride

Anyone can ride a MoonBike. Climbs 40% slopes. Payload up to 120kg

The Moonbikes
  • The MoonBikes are electric snowbikes

    Born and Made in the French Alps

  • Riding MoonBikes with friends

    Alpine terrain meets electric power

  • Snowbiking in the mountains

    A zero operational footprint vehicle

  • Snowbiking on a snowy track

    Enjoy the Ride AND the Silence


There’s a vast range of activities here, and this winter the resort is introducing electric Moonbikes

This has to be the most fun you can have on snow. Proper snow-carving in complete silence

Target rider for this contraption is a resident of an icy tundra who wants a cool way to commute.

the perfect companion for winter

MoonBikes at CES 2022

January 24, 2022

MoonBikes at CES 2022

Such a thrill to be part of CES this year! The energy, the people, the organization… couldn’t ask for more!

MoonBikes Delivery

January 17, 2022

MoonBikes X Bosch Marignier

The first MoonBikes left the Bosch Marignier factory! Destination? North America - A new milestone for the MoonBikes family.

With Moonbikes, rediscover winter.

As the first-ever ultra-light electric snowbike, Moonbikes is a game changer for outdoor winter activities and offers an alternative to snowmobile. Thanks to its electric engine, this zero-emission vehicle will give you a unique riding experience, allowing you to explore nature, with respect for it, in total silence. Offering far more than just a fun activity, our Moonbikes will let you explore winter like never before. Whether you’re riding fresh snow, adventuring with friends, mountain touring with your family, accessing your favorite fishing spot, or cruising through North America’s backcountry, our revolutionary snow vehicle will be the ideal partner for outdoor sports and fun.

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Being very light, this mini snowmobile will give you an explosive start. Our snow vehicle is propelled by a track at the back and steered by a single ski, which both provide riders and snowbike racers great riding sensations and power. Indeed, with no more than 150 spare parts, MoonBikes feature a revolutionary technology. As sales of our snow machine are about to start, riders and families from the United States, Canada and Europe will soon be able to enjoy MoonBikes touring, off-road riding and exploring snowy trails.

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