Extra Battery will double your riding range up to an estimated 3 hours to keep you on the trail longer.* Twice the range means twice the adventure.


With the heated battery box, the battery offers cold resistance down to -25°C/-13°F. Easily connect the charging cable directly to the MoonBike or remove the battery and charge it at home. Fully charge in 5h 45m with the standard charger (included) or 3h with optional fast charger.


*Extra battery is 2.5kWh and charges with MoonBikes standard charger. Range based on average rider of 175lbs on groomed trail. Range will vary based on riding conditions and rider.

New batch Incoming - Delivered in 4 weeks.
  • Capacity: 35Ah
  • Voltage: 72V
  • Mass: 12,2Kg
  • Charge: from 4h30 to 2h20(*)
  • Range min: 1h/10miles(16Km)(**)
  • Range max: 1h30/15miles (24Km)(**)
  • Charging outlet: 220V/110V

* 2 batteries can be charged simultaneously with 2 chargers

** On a groomed trail with a 175lbs/80Kg rider.