The Cover is made of custom-fit, waterproof yet breathable heavy-duty material designed to stay in place thanks to the elastic and strong tie-down straps. MoonBike is built for the elements, but best to keep things under wraps in between adventures. MoonBikes Cover will guard against snow and ice, blowing wind, and the steely glare of mountain lions and jealous friends alike.

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Traveling with your MoonBike? No problem! Our cover is conveniently equipped with compatible straps that guarantee the utmost security while on the move. You can now transport your MoonBike worry-free, knowing that it is safeguarded against any potential harm during transit.

Unilateral PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating
Waterproof top layer

Remove stains and dirt using a soft sponge (maximum temperature 30 degrees). The fabric should be hand-washed, taking care not to damage the protective layer on the right side of the fabric. Do not clean the fabric with aggressive chemicals containing solvents and bleaching agents.