Electric MoonBike Review - Gear Junkie

Gear Junkie recently took the electric MoonBike for an exhilarating spin in the heart of Colorado's Jones Pass, and the results are nothing short of thrilling. The article, aptly titled "More Fun, More Speed, Less Noise: Electric MoonBike Review" dives deep into the unique experience that MoonBike offers on the snow. 

(Photo/Kraig Becker - Gear Junkie)

In short - "The MoonBike is a fun, exhilarating electric snow bike that is a blast to ride in a variety of snow conditions. Veteran dirt bike riders and mountain bikers will feel right at home in the saddle, but its unassuming demeanor makes it easily accessible for first-timers. And while it doesn’t have the power and top-end speed of gas-powered competitors, it offers a smooth, refined, and very quiet ride."

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