Embracing the Chill: How MoonBikes' Batteries Thrive in Cold

Embracing the Chill: How MoonBikes' Batteries Thrive in Cold

At MoonBikes, the camaraderie between batteries and cold isn't just a coincidence – it's a finely crafted alliance.

After years of research and development, a dozen prototypes, a few pounds of croziflette (which is French for maraconi and cheese casserole), and plenty of glasses of Génépi... MoonBikes was born.

As an electric snow vehicle, our founder Nicolas Muron's focus on battery technology has been pivotal, ensuring unrivaled performance, resilience, and a connection that defies winter challenges.

At the heart of MoonBikes' groundbreaking technology lies its high-performance battery.

Available in two configurations – a standard 2.5 kWh capacity (upgradeable to 5 kWh with an optional dual-battery setup) and a performance-oriented 3.2 kWh option. A single battery promises a thrilling 1.5 hours of riding time, while the dual-battery arrangement stretches your adventure to an exhilarating 3 hours.Our patented technology and ultra-light vehicle enable us to optimize performance.

"Can batteries truly handle freezing temperatures?"

But here's where MoonBikes truly shines: its cold resistance. A heated battery compartment that laughs in the face of -25°C (-13°F) temperatures ensures your ride remains unaffected by even the most frigid conditions. Our engineers have meticulously designed this thermal marvel to ensure seamless performance, whether you're gliding through snow-covered landscapes or conquering icy terrains.

Thrilling Expedition Alert!

Our MoonBikes defying extreme conditions above the Arctic Circle.
Spoiler Alert: Our MoonBikes conquered the challenge, product and battery with standing the harshest tests.

Arctic Circle

The heating mats consume 50 Wh per hour, or 2% of the MoonBikes' total battery capacity per hour. The temperature of the battery box is regulated at 10°C / 50°F (, so the mats are switched off when the box has reached this temperature. It's a minor draw on the immense capacity, a minor trade-off for toasty temperatures and an unrivaled riding experience.

We offer a fast-charging solution that cuts down charging times to a mere 3 hours with the optional fast charger. For those who prefer a standard charging pace, 5 hours and 45 minutes is all it takes to recharge your battery and get back to the snow.

And to recharge your MoonBikes, you've got a choice! Either remove the battery from its case in 4 steps (open, remove the cable, take out the battery and don't forget to close it again to keep it dry) and charge it from home. If you've got room in the garage, you can connect the MoonBikes directly to your charger.

Battery tutorial available on YouTube

Every battery comes with a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind as you embark on your cold-climate escapades. And should you encounter any technical challenges, our team of proficient technicians and experts are ready to provide unparalleled assistance.

Overal dimensions: 240 x 205 x 165 mm (9,45 x 8,07 x 6,49 inches)
Voltage: 72 V
Capacity: 35 Ah
Technlogy: Lithium-ion
Operational temperature: -25°C / +40°C ( -13°F / +104°F)
Mass: 12,2 kg (26,9 lbs)

And if you have any further questions? We look forward to hearing from you.