Unique Patented Innovation - The world's first electric snowbikes

A breakthrough innovation based on a patented high-efficiency propulsion system integrated into an ultra-light weight vehicle.

MoonBikes are equipped with an innovative, high-efficiency propulsion system that delivers 170 Nm of silent torque - without carbon emissions.

The removable battery has a capacity of 2.5 kWh (5 kWh with the optional second battery / 3.2 kWh with the performance battery). Its cold-resistant housing (-25°C) and the assembly of less than 200 parts in total (without belts or chains) make the vehicles easy to build and maintain. MoonBikes will operate for 1.5 hours in eco mode (3 hours with the two batteries), and can travel up to to 64km.

They are ultra-light (87 kg with a standard battery) and compact (same width as a bicycle; 70.5 cm).

These fun-loving electric scooters are very maneuverable and easy to drive thanks to their small size and mountain-inspired design.