• MoonBikes on Overland Expo

    "Winter riding is about to get a whole lot more fun with all-electric MoonBikes"

  • MoonBikes on Robb Report

    "This snow-ready electric bike will let you cruise the powder at up to 28 MPH"

  • MoonBikes on Uncrate

    "There are plenty of ways to navigate snowy terrain, but not many that use electric power"

  • MoonBikes on New Atlas

    "MoonBikes is creating a full-throttle electric snow bike meant to travel lightly on the snow"

  • MoonBikes on Cool Material

    "This bike is going to be a helluva lot more fun to ride than a traditional snowmobile"

  • MoonBikes on Le Figaro Sport

    "Totalement silencieuse, la MoonBike réinvente l’expérience de la mobilité sur neige"

  • MoonBikes on Bless This Stuff

    "Moonbikes is an ultralight 100% electric snow bike made for adventure"

  • MoonBikes on Archyde

    "This 100% electric snowbike revolutionizes individual mobility in the mountains"

  • MoonBikes on Stupid Dope

    "The MoonBikes are light weight and made to handle snowy terrain as well as gas powered ones do"

  • MoonBikes on Le Dauphiné Libéré

    "Nouvelle alternative en montagne, le MoonBikes a fait son apparition dans la station de Flaine"

  • MoonBikes on Gizmodo

    "フランスのアルプス生まれMoonBikes は完全電気のエコスノーモービルだよ"

  • MoonBikes on Le Dauphiné Libéré

    "Moonbikes se voit récompensée du Prix spécial Startup pour son "snowbike" 100% éléctrique"

  • MoonBikes on TF1

    "Les professionnels ont multipliés les inventions pour prouver qu'on peut glisser autrement"