MoonBikes Park Weissensee - Wolfgang Wernitznig
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Discover the the MOONBIKE PARKS STUBEN on the great Glacier of Stuben in Austria.

Adress : 9762 Weissensee, Autriche
Telephone : +43 660 1491544
Opening days and hours :
Our Activites :

Moonbikes are electric snowmobiles that will make you smile

Prices :

Park tour: 20 minutes € 40,-/person

Guided tour: 50 minutes 85 € per person

Drive independently in the park * guided tours.

Equipment: ski helmet with goggles, gloves, sturdy boots, warm clothing.

Requirements: minimum age 16 years, height at least 1.50 cm.

Our Activities

Closed Track on the glacier - 45 minutes

Discover the our closed track on the Stuben Glacier. A 1,8 Km track with jumps, U turns and great snow conditions all year long. Ride with friends, with family, in couple or alone if your mates are skiing.

90€ tax. Incl. per people for 45min