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Music Day

@SuperFrenchie playlist

Today is Music Day 2K22 so we decided to ask Matthias Giraud aka @SuperFrenchie a few questions about the link between his sport and music.

Matthias Giraud is a french professional skier and base jumper,
and a MoonBikes ambassador since 2021.

Discover his playlist on our brand new Spotify account, pump up the volume, and let’s ride !


What role does music play in your preparation / concentration before a ride?   

Music plays a huge role in my preparation, concentration and relaxation.   

Before a hard ski touring or ski mountaineering trip, I listen to Trepaneringsritualen, Sepultura, Satyricon or Gojira on full blast. It helps to get motivated in the middle of the night for the 2am start!  

If I’m going to do something that takes a lot of commitment, Nine Inch Nails. It helps me relax while also helping me focus. It puts me in a pragmatic mood and helps me be hard on myself. It's important to be uncompromising in the mountains. 

When I go wingsuit flying or BASE jumping in general, I listen to stuff with more melody but still metal like Deftones, Zeal and Ardor, or Devin Townsend Project. It helps me relax the night before or on the plane before the door opens...  

- What track makes you want to put your skis on?  

Amazonia by Gojira! 

- When it comes to concentration, would you rather listen to calm and peaceful tracks (Air, Portishead) or heavier rock & roll (Queens of the Stone Age, AC/DC)? 

Queens of the Stone Age is calm right?!?! “Auto-Pilot" or “Make it With Chu” 

- For or against music DURING a ride?   

No music when I ride, just the sound of my skis on the snow except on the chairlift! It makes the time go by faster 😂🙌🏻 

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