MoonBikes rewarded with 3 prizes in two months!


Shortly after being highlighted at ISPO Munich Event, we won the Startup Award at the French Outdoor Award Winter 2021 and are proud to have been honored with a special mention at the Andorra Sports Startup Challenge.


  • Andorra Sports Startup Challenge

The year 2021 has started off strong for MoonBikes, which was selected as a finalist in the Challenge. Out of the 60 participants, only 10 startups had the chance to present their project to the jury and it is an honor for us to be part of the three startups rewarded.

Our electric snowbikes completely rethink mobility in snowy conditions. Quiet and eco-friendly, they blend perfectly into the mountain world and offer the general public a fun and accessible activity.

It's because MoonBikes provides a sustainable solution to the mobility problems faced by people living in snowy regions that we received this nomination from the jury. Nicolas Muron, founder and CEO of MoonBikes, has been able to innovate in order to meet a growing need and we would like to thank again the leaders of the sports industry for supporting us.

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  • French Outdoor Awards Winter 2021

On January 19th, Outdoor Sports Valley announced that MoonBikes was one of the three winners of the French Outdoor Awards Winter 2021!

Our 100% electric snowbikes were unanimously acclaimed during the demonstration day at Le Grand Bornand. They convinced the jury, made up of professionals from the outdoor community, with an ambitious goal: revolutionizing micro-mobility on snow. Many players of the industry were present, including the Salomon, Millet and Evvo brands, as well as the Le Grand Bornand ski resort and of course the Outdoor Sports Valley association.

Among all the participants, only three winners were selected and it is an honor for us to receive the special Startup prize! MoonBikes would like to warmly thank the OSV team for their enthusiasm and trust.

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