Discover the MOONBIKE in BLACK - Limited edition. EARLY DELIVERY NOV 2022

The eCar expo was our first event in Sweden! A full electric event, where our MoonBikes stood out and generated a lot of interest, surrounded by the different models of electric cars presented by the biggest brands. The Swedish people seemed to like the idea about a more climate friendly vehicle that allows them to enjoy the outdoor in silence. The MoonBike is definitely a perfect fit. 🇸🇪

Sweden for MoonBikes means several clients, 3 MoonBikes Parks, 2 demo-days, an ambassador and a first event in Stockholm...! Stay tuned for more!

eCar Expo

MoonBikes is honored to have been featured in Allt om Elbil as well as Elbilen , Motormagasinet , Industritorget...

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