MoonBikes is a snow vehicle

Make winter exploration fun and easy

It’s tough to deny the beauty and magic of riding through a snowstorm—while actually hearing the snow fall. At MoonBikes, we want to share this experience with you. Swift, silent, and electric, our snowbikes provide a new way to explore the outdoors. Blurring the lines between recreation and transportation, they leverage fresh technology to change the game. Thanks to their streamlined design and light weight, they’re especially easy to ride and serve as the perfect companion for winter—all without requiring a prenup. No wonder they’ll make you grin ear to ear. Armed with a thirst for adventure, they deliver a playful ride and immediate power. And with an emphasis on simplicity, they’re as versatile as they are dependable—like your favorite jeans but without the acid wash. Whether you’re rallying on trails, venturing into the backcountry, or simply cruising around town, our snowbikes allow you to transform winter into your playground. Equally important, they enable you to explore nature—without compromising it. And by making it especially fun, easy, and accessible to move through the snow, they unite us in our love for the outdoors. Add some excitement to your life—let MoonBikes put some electricity between your legs.

MoonBikes' team is riding electric snowbikes

a team of Mountain and Tech Lovers

Born in the french Alps, our startup is based in Annecy, France. If  you wish to join our team of mountain and tech lovers, please check  out our open positions !

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The MoonBikes is an electric snowbike

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